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Wood Appliques,Trim, Carvings

The D. Lawless Hardware collection of wooden appliques grew out of our antique reproduction furniture line we used to sell from our brick and mortar store front. We slowly transitioned out of building furniture and into supplying hardware for other builders. Along with this shift we grew our wood applique line immensely in order to support all sorts of furniture projects from builders all over.

Wood appliques and wood carvings are often called gingerbreads. Wood appliques are glued and sometimes nailed to furniture, cabinets and desks as added decoration. (If you use contact cement to apply this trim you are less likely to have splits.) Embossed wood, onlays, wood appliques, wood carvings, call them what you like, but these are the same type wood carvings that have been used in the furniture and cabinetry trade for many many years.