Classic Small Solid Cast Brass Knob 3/4" K32-B321SB

Item Code: K32-B321SB
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A small and elegantly simple solid brass knob suitable for sewing cabinets, letter drawers, dental cabinets, jewelry boxes and many other diminutive doors and drawers where a large knob will just not due.

Polished and Lacquer finished.

  • Diameter: 3/4" (19.05 mm)
  • Projection: 3/4" tall (19.05 mm)
  • Color: Solid Brass
Comes with 1" screw suitable for 3/4" drawer or door face.

Order 8-32 screw length by Material Thickness + backplate thickness(standard 1/8") + 1/4" for knob if needed.

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