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Hepplewhite Style Oval Solid Stamped Brass Bail Pull Medium 3-1/2" Oval P-21B

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Hepplewhite Style Oval Solid Stamped Brass Bail Pull Medium 2-3/4 Centers

This is a nicely detailed reproduction of the Period known as Federal or Hepplewhite when referring to furniture and decor styles. 1785 to 1815 generally. Furniture is categorized as Federal when made in the young American states during a time of growing pride and an enthusiastic desire to develop their own distinctive styles. When a piece was made in England during this period, it is usually called Hepplewhite.

These Hepplewhite bail pulls are obviously not authentic, but the distinctive style is convincing and the material is solid brass and POLISHED BUT UNFINISHED READY FOR NATURAL OR CHEMICAL AGING.

Perfect for bringing a Colonial flare to any cabinet or furniture piece or for maintaining the authentic look in that Period piece you are restoring to its former glory. Also comes in 2 1/2" center DL-P-21B, and 3" DL-P-21C

  • Centers: 2-3/4
  • Length: 3-1/2"
  • Width: 2-3/8
  • Projection: 3/8
  • Finish: Solid Brass unfinished and polished

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