Antique Milk Green (Jadeite) Glass Knob - 1-1/2"

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Antique Milk Green (Jadeite) 1-1/2" Glass Knob

This is a reproduced color that was popular in the 1920's and 30's. Also came back again when I was a kid as a Fire King color. Guess this dates me, huh?

Also, this knob was recently featured by Stacey on her blog Embracing Change and by Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies. You can see her project in the additional images.

Featured again now at Evolution of Style and From Evija with Love!
  • Diameter: 1 1/2" (38.1 mm)
  • Projection: 1 1/4" tall (38.1 mm)
  • Color: Milk Green (Jadeite)
Please note this measurement information: The bolt (2-1/2") that comes standard with these extends beyond the back of this glass knob 1-1/16". A 2" bolt is available near the bottom of the page, often used with the smaller glass knobs, in order to have less bolt protruding out the back.

D. Lawless Hardware Depression Glass Collection
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