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Slide Out TV Shelf & Swivel - 125 Lb L-D70040-BR-A

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Entertainment center or shelf mounting slide and swivel.

Screw down the base and place a TV on the swivel stand. You can now pull the TV out of the cabinet or shelf for better viewing and even turn it with the swivel base to reach all the rear connections for HDMI, USB, Video and Audio, etc.

Will work with flat screens if base is attached to the unit with screws (requires drilling holes in both swivel unit and base of flat screen) to prevent screen from tipping when moved.

Mounting footprint is same width as platform dimensions since ball bearing slides are hidden completely underneath in the front (12-1/2"). There is 2" of the slides that show out the back. Front to back is 14-5/8". Platform will pull out 10". Rated 125 lb. capacity.

Does not come with screws. Swivel base measures 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 1" overall height. Base has a 360 degree pivot range.