Country Store Collection Cup Pulls & Knobs

We have expanded the finish selection of your favorite cup pulls and produced complementary knobs to match. These cup pull and knob sets will bring a subtle and relaxing flavor to your home as they harken back to the days of the little old country store. Please view The Country Store Collection Gallery to see these matching sets in use.

I know something about country stores. Some of my earliest recollections are from hanging out in the Lawless Grocery owned by my Grandma and Grandpa. It was a wonderland for a little tot...wood floors, ceiling fans, fresh vegetables, milk and meat from local farms, a large seed counter with drawers full of gardening seeds which just happened to have cup pulls similar to these, and oh yeah, what seemed to be a huge candy counter.

For a successful business, it seemed pretty laid back from a kids perspective, but I am sure Gramps was a busy man who just found time for me. He traded comic books with neighborhood kids two for one. With a 5 cent daily allowance for beverages and candy, and all the comic books I could read I was totally spoiled in that store. So, for the good and peaceful memories of Grampas store, I dub this collection of cup pulls the Country Store Collection - Dave Lawless
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